The Latest NBA Rumors On NBA Draft Trades, Celtics Targeting Nerlens Noel And Ben McLemore Trade

The Cleveland Cavaliers are still celebrating their NBA championship, but the rest of the Association is focused on Thursday's NBA Draft and the start of free agency on July 1. With the offseason officially here, the NBA rumor mill is cranking at full speed. Check out the latest NBA news and rumors below:

Draft Trades Aplenty? 
The NBA Draft is just two days away and there a several rumblings about draft night trades. This year's first round could be filled with trades. 

Whether or not Thursday is a chaotic night filled with trades remains to be seen. However, teams like the Boston Celtics (more on them below), Utah Jazz, San Antonio Spurs, Charlotte Hornets, Los Angeles Clippers and Philadelphia 76ers have all been rumored to have interest in making trades during the draft in the past few days. Trades aren't uncommon during an NBA Draft, but there could be more than usual Thursday. 

Celtics Want Noel?
The Celtics have been shopping the No. 3 overall pick, but have yet to find an offer that's enough for them. The 76ers are a potential trade partner, and Boston reportedly wants one player in particular. 

Noel would provide the Celtics with the rebounding and rim-protecting big the roster currently lacks. But Noel has one year left on his contract and might not be worth giving up the No. 3 overall pick. The 76ers, if they trade up into the Top 5, are likely targeting either Jamal Murray or Kris Dunn. What the Celtics do with the No. 3 pick will have a massive impact on the draft this year.  

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Kings Trading McLemore? 
The Sacramento Kings tried to trade shooting guard Ben McLemore at the trade deadline, but didn't pull the trigger. That might change during the draft. 

It's unclear what the Kings are hoping to get in exchange for the former No. 7 overall pick. He has plenty of physical tools, but has never been able to put it all together. 

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