The Latest NBA Rumors On Kevin Durant Staying, Nic Batum, A Carlos Boozer Return And Jordan Clarkson

The start of NBA free agency is just hours away, and teams are on the verge of meeting with several players as soon they're allowed to when the clock strikes midnight. There could even be a few signings in those early hours. Here are the latest NBA rumors and news from around the NBA. 

Kevin Durant Likely To Stay?
The Summer of Durant might end up Durant staying in Oklahoma City. ESPN's Marc J. Spears reports Durant is highly likely to remain with the Thunder. 

But barring an incredible sales job, several friends and business colleagues close to the 2014 NBA MVP expect him to return to Oklahoma City for at least another year.

"His decision is 90 percent made. It would take an amazing sales pitch to change it,” said one of Durant’s longtime friends.

Another Durant colleague said, “It’s going to take some sweet-talking to get him to pass up all the money he can get by staying in OKC.”

So while the Warriors, Spurs, Heat, Celtics and Clippers will make a pitch to land Durant, it seems that he'll stay with the Thunder. The real question is if he takes a two-year deal with an opt-out clause so he can make more money in the future and/or enter free agency with friend and teammate Russell Westbrook. 

Sixers To Offer Jordan Clarkson?
The 76ers had already been linked to making an offer for Jordan Clarkson. Now that the Lakers have officially made him a restricted free agent, Sam Amick of USA Today expects an offer to happen in the near future. 

Amick reports the Sixers can structure the deal in a way that could hurt the Lakers. The 76ers can make it a "Gilbert Arenas Provision," which is essentially a poison pill structure that would backload the contract. But that contract structure could help the Lakers, providing them with more money next offseason. 

Nic Batum Meetings
Batum is generally expected to re-sign with the Hornets, but he will take a few meetings. 

Meeting with the Lakers, Wizards and Knicks by phone does not bode well for their chances. The Mavs appear to at least have a shot, but it's the Hornets who are still the likely favorites. 

Carlos Boozer Wants To Return?
Boozer is 34-years-old and didn't play in the NBA last season. However, he told The Vertical that he wants to play this coming season. 

"The previous season with the Lakers was a tough year," Boozer told the Vertical. "Kobe [Bryant] got hurt, Steve Nash went down and we had a young group still learning to win. I ended up taking the next year off, spent time with my kids and family and right now my body feels great. I feel terrific. I have been working out hard all year, and I miss the game. I want to play again."

Boozer said he wants to join a team where he can be a veteran who helps mentor younger players. A team like the Lakers or Timberwolves could be a destination for Boozer. 

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