The Latest NBA Rumors On Dwyane Wade, Ray Allen Coming Out Of Retirement And Westbrook Leaving The Thunder?

NBA free agency is here, and there has been a flurry of moves in the first few days. With the cap rising, players are landing lucrative deals, especially compared to previous seasons. Despite many of the big-names agreeing to deals, there are still several quality players left on the market. The rumor mill is buzzing with potential signings, and we're here to get you caught up on what's happened so far. Here are the latest NBA rumors and news from around the Association.

Latest On Dwyane Wade
With Durant off the market, Wade is now the most notable storyline around the NBA. He's currently in a contract dispute with the Miami Heat, and there are quite a few rumblings around Wade. He wants $50 million for two years from the Heat, who have only offered him $40 million. As a result, Wade is negotiating with other teams. 

Wade previously cancelled a meeting with the Bucks this week, but will now meet with them today. Wade will also take meetings with the Chicago Bulls and Denver Nuggets, plus one with the Heat. All the meetings are in New York and take place today. The Cavs are likely out of the mix since they don't have the money needed to offer Wade. 

In terms of recruitment, the ageless Mike Miller is leading the recruiting pitch for the Nuggets. Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo are trying to convince Wade to head back home to Chicago, while Jason Kidd and Khris Middleton are leading the way for the Bucks. Meanwhile, things aren't looking great for the Heat. 

Wade has only played for the Heat in his career. There's chance he using the Bulls, Nuggets and Bucks as leverage, but only time will tell if he's serious about leaving Miami. 

Ray Allen Returning To NBA?
Allen has sat out the last two season, but the soon-to-be 41-year-old shooting guard is considering a return to the NBA. Chris Broussard of ESPN reports Allen has reached out to the Warriors and Cavs about a potential return. Allen would also consider playing for the Clippers and Spurs if he elected to return to the NBA. Broussard reports Allen is still undecided if he wants to play again, but is tempted by the thought of chasing another championship. 

Russell Westbrook A Goner?
Kevin Durant leaving for the Warriors means the Thunder are Westbrook's team. However, with Westbrook a free agent next offseason, that might not be the case for much longer. One NBA executive told the Boston Herald that he believes Westbrook is gone after this season. 

"He’s gone after this year," the league executive said. "A hundred percent. I think that’s the case no matter what [Durant had decided]. I guess people can always change their mind, but I think this season was going to be it for him there no matter what."

There had been rumors of a potential Russell Westbrook trade, as the Thunder might not want to risk losing both of their stars and getting nothing in return. Westbrook certainly won't sign an extension this summer, as there's far more money to be made by entering free agency. 

Mavs Ready To Make Trades?
Update: The Mavs have sent Jeremy Evans to the Pacers
Original reports below:

The Mavs have already agreed to a deal with Harrison Barnes and landed Andrew Bogut in a trade, but they might not be done yet. The Mavs are open to dealing both Jeremy Evans and JaVale McGee. 

The additions of Barnes and Bogut mean Evans and McGee will likely see the floor less if they stay on the team. 

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