The Latest NBA Rumors On A Blake Griffin Trade, Contender Chasing Curry And Celtics Roster Moves

The NBA free agency frenzy has died down, although there are still a couple of quality players available on the open market. There are a few trade rumblings as well, although the biggest story focuses on Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Here are the latest NBA rumors and news you need to know.

Will Clippers Trade Blake Griffin?
Forward Blake Griffin has been the subject of several trade rumors this offseason, with a few linking him to the Boston Celtics (more on that below). However, head coach Doc Rivers says Griffin isn't going anywhere. 

As for the Griffin and the Celtics, Rivers shut those down as well. 

A Griffin trade could still happen, since he'll be a free agent after this season, but right now there doesn't seem to be much traction to the rumors. 

Another Title Contender Wants Curry? 
Stephen Curry will be a free agent after this season ends, and at least one NBA team is hoping that Kevin Durant and Curry don't get along on the Warriors. According to Bleacher Report's Ric Bucher, one team is planning to make a run at Curry. 

"There are 29 teams hoping the chemistry between Kevin Durant and Steph Curry is poisonous, but there is one team that is planning for it," Bucher said. "I’ve been told by one of the league’s title contenders that they hope to poach Curry. They see KD taking the last-minute shots that were once Curry’s domain. Their pitch will be, ‘Come to us, and you can be the man once more.'"

For starters, every team would love to land Curry. He's one of the best players in the NBA and the best shooter. But unless the Warriors' new super team is a disaster, it's tough to see Curry leaving the Warriors. This is a long-shot at best and delusion at worst. 

Celtics Moves And Colton Iverson?
The Celtics already have 18 players under contract this season, but could be adding a 19th. There are conflicting reports over whether 2013 second round pick Colton Iverson will join the Celtics.

However, Pick's report is disputed by Jay King of, who says no deal is in place. The center played well overseas last year after playing for Minnesota and Colorado State in college. King reports Iverson badly wants a shot at the NBA, but with six bigs with guaranteed contracts (plus Ben Bentil with a partially guaranteed deal), there just might not be room for Iverson. 

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