The Latest NBA Draft Rumors On The Celtics Trading The No. 3 Pick, Potential Lottery Trades And More

The 2016 NBA Draft is just weeks away, and there are plenty of news and rumors swirling around the top prospects in the draft. There could be several NBA Draft trades, including deals involving prospects and veterans. Here are the latest NBA draft rumors floating around. 

Sixers Love Jamal Murray? 
The Philadelphia 76ers are expected to pick LSU's Ben Simmons No. 1 overall. Duke's Brandon Ingram is another option, but Simmons is the favorite. However, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports the 76ers are considering taking Kentucky's Jamal Murray. 

"Some within the Sixers organization believe that he has the biggest upside of any of the draft prospects," the Inquirer reports. "However, NBA insiders think it would be a reach to draft anyone outside of Simmons or Ingram first overall." 

A more likely outcome is the 76ers try to swing a deal with another team to move back into the first round and take Murray. One team the 76ers could make a trade with is the Boston Celtics. 

Celtics Moving No. 3 Pick?
The Celtics have been linked to several potential trades involving the No. 3 overall pick. They've been rumored to target players like Jimmy Butler and DeMarcus Cousins. But head coach Brad Stevens is high on several prospects this year. 

"If you do end up trading [the pick], it has to be pretty impactful," Stevens told CBS. "There are a lot of good players available in the draft, in my opinion. There are some good guys and I’m excited about having the third pick. If we were to move it, it would have to be something pretty special to move it for."

In any Sixers trade, Philadelphia would likely have to give up Jahlil Okafor. Boston wanted to deal for Okafor before the deadline, but it's unclear if a Okafor for the No. 3 pick is enough for either side. 

Potential Lottery Trades? 
There could be several lottery teams that end up trading their pick this year, reports Sporting News. The first is the Minnesota Timberwolves at No. 5 overall, as they are in the market for a veteran to pair with an already young team. Next up is the Toronto Raptors, who have already said they are open to moving the No. 9 overall pick. Then there's a run on teams that could trade. The Milwaukee Bucks and Orlando Magic are open to a deal, as are the Phoenix Suns with their No. 13 pick. But Sporting News reports the team most willing to make a deal is the Utah Jazz. The Jazz just missed out on the playoffs this season and are desperate to final break through. 

Pelicans High On Bender?
Croatian forward Dragan Bender has the potential to be the next great European player. A gifted, but raw, player, Bender is a lock to be a lottery pick. According to Chad Ford, one team that is high on Bender is the New Orleans Pelicans. Ford reports the Pelicans think Bender would fit well with Anthony Davis and would help replace Ryan Anderson if he leaves in free agency. 

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