Larry Bird: Larry Legend

In 1992, film producers once again proved that they have a great financial flair. It was in this year that the film "White Can not Jump" was released. The protagonist of the film, performed by the inimitable Woody Harrelson, proved to himself and everyone that he can play basketball. The film had a huge success at the box office - a huge amount of money and the love of basketball fans were obtained. And it's worth a lot - the audience of sports fans is the most capricious when it comes to sports biopics, dramas or comedies.

The filmmakers perfectly guessed with the release date, because it is in the 92 the when Larry Burd finished his career. He has already proved that "white" is not only able to jump, but also can become a symbol of an era in the strongest basketball league in the world.

But who knows, maybe a new Larry is somewhere in NBA now? Go here and stay tuned!

Debut in the NBA
The debut of Larry Bird in the NBA in 1979 made a real sensation. Chubby white boy, at first glance, was not even able to keep the ball in hand, and after the end of the season experts could not believe that he is "white". Some have denied it so far - they claim that Larry was painted white and forced to eat donuts to match the image.

Bird really was not born a basketball player, but he became one. Exhausting training in the gym and on the court allowed Bird to become one of the biggest basketball players in the history of this game. By the way, this is another stone in the garden of skeptics, who claim that so-called “basketball touch” is the only guarantee of success in this sport. And if you are not lucky to have an innate talent, then nothing can be done about it. Larry Bird is the most vivid illustration of the wretchedness of this opinion.

Larry, usually, trained himself without any help from specialists - without a mentor and partners. The daily training process of Bird looked like this - a warm-up, work in the gym, and later he went out to the parquet. And he did not leave from there until he hit 100 three-point shots.

It was precisely impeccable precision that became the business card of Larry Bird in NBA. The best universal player of all time could score from a position that no one else would have thought of throwing. And this white guy for several seasons in a row was the best in Boston, not only on points scored but also on rebounds, interceptions, transfers and minutes played. In the first season for himself, he received the title of the beginner of the year and this is the year when the legendary Magic Johnson debuted on the parquet floor. 

The achievements of the "Great Larry"
All 13 years of his career, Bird spent in Boston, whose fans, even despite the brilliant modern line-up, still remember how their team played during the "Great Larry" period. It was Bird who led the Celts to the championship title after the Celtics could not win it for 16 years. Subsequently, he won two more champion rings, and in 1992 he played for the legendary "Dream Team", which won the Olympic Games.

Completion of career
Larry had to end his career at 36 when most experts believed that he was still in brilliant shape. They say the workaholism of a basketball player was the main reason for an early retirement. Exhaustive individual training should sooner or later come out sideways.

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