Klay Thompson Wins 2016 NBA 3-Point Contest

In a battle between the Splash Brothers in the NBA 3-Point Contest, it was Klay Thompson who came out on top. Stephen Curry dropped 23 points in the final round, but Thompson had the final run of shots. He set an NBA record with 27 points, tying Curry's mark from last year. Every shot from the final round can be be seen here

The final round featured Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry and Suns guard Devin Booker, who won the tiebreaker round over J.J. Redick and James Harden to advance. Booker put up 16 points in the final round. For more NBA news, download the Chat Sports Android and iPhone app

Thompson started the contest off by hitting his first four baskets en route to 22 points. James Harden and J.J. Redick followed, with 20 points each. Khris Middleton struggled with just 13. Booker hit his last few shots, giving him 20 points. C.J. McCollum missed his first six shots, and finished with 14. Kyle Lowry, playing in front of his home crowd, put up 15. Curry hit 11 in a row at one point, and finished with 21 points. 

In the tiebreaker round, Harden led things off with eight points, Redick had nine and Booker ended things with 10. 

While it wasn't part of the actual three-point contest, actor Kevin Hart managed to tie Warriors forward Draymond Green 12-12 in a challenge before the event. With the 3-point contest out of the way, only the Slam Dunk Contest is left among Saturday's NBA All-Star festivities. 

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