Kevin Durant Free Agency Rumors: Interest In A Long-Term Deal And Meetings With Warriors, Spurs, Thunder And More

The start of NBA Free Agency is nearly here and the biggest names on the market is Kevin Durant. The Oklahoma City Thunder forward is easily the most desired free agent on the market this year and there have been plenty of rumors surrounding Durant and what he'll do. 

Teams can start negotiating with Durant, or any other free agent, on July 1st. However, no free agent can officially sign with a team until July 8, with the week between being known as the "July Moratorium." Teams across the league are already lining up their pitches to land the coveted superstar. Here's all the latest rumors and news surrounding Durant's free agency. 

Durant Setting Up Meetings
Durant is setting up meetings with several teams around the NBA. We have all the latest on when and where Durant will meet with the teams that want to land him. Per Adrian Wojnarowski, Durant will schedule the bulk of his meetings in New York this weekend. But the meetings start with the Thunder on Thursday. 

That meeting with the Warriors will be in the Hamptons. After the Warriors, the Spurs are up next.

The other three teams that have meetings, the Clippers, Celtics and Heat are after that. 

ESPN reports the Heat will get their meeting on Sunday, July 3rd. While the Knicks are still being considered, it looks like the Lakers are out. 

There's no mention of the Hawks, who also were trying to land a meeting. All in all, it sounds like Durant's suitors are down to the Thunder, Warriors, Spurs, Clippers, Heat and Celtics, in no particular order.

Durant Wants A Long-Term Deal? 
The general opinion on Durant is that he would take a two-year deal with an opt-out clause after the first year. There were two reasons for that; he could get more money by opting-out since the cap is rising and he can enter free agency again next year with friend Russell Westbrook. However, there are now rumblings Durant could elect to take a long-term deal. Here's what Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders reports

However, sources close to Durant said recently that his looming free agency was incredibly stressful and distracting and that Durant isn’t overly eager to go through this again and that these meetings may be more than just going through the motions. He is genuinely planning to listen to options and see what’s available to him and may make a long-term commitment with whatever team he chooses.

A long-term deal for Durant makes most sense with the Thunder. They can offer him more years than any other team.

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