Kawhi Leonard NBA Trade Rumors: Celtics And 76ers Favorites, Cavs Interested, Plus Pau Gasol Speaks On Kawhi

In the latest batch of Kawhi Leonard trade rumors, the Cleveland Cavaliers reportedly are inquiring about acquiring Leonard. However, the latest Vegas odds have the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers as the favorites to land Leonard. The Celtics and 76ers have more assets to use than the Cavs do. Meanwhile, current Spurs player Pau Gasol recently spoke on Leonard’s future, noting that he doesn’t think any amount of money will repair the Spurs-Leonard relationship.

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Host Cam Rogers brings you all you need to know around Kawhi on The Cam Rogers Show.

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Cam also discusses whether Kawhi Leonard wants a big-time market in his next stop. According to reports, Leonard may not only have LA in mind as his next destination. If the Spurs aren’t willing to trade Leonard within the Western Conference, Kawhi may have to get creative with his preferences.

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