Here Are The Top 12 Prospects Entering The 2018 NBA Draft Following The Combine

With the 2018 NBA Draft coming up fast, we give you our first big board, ranking the top draftable players in this year’s class. We go over Luka Doncic vs. Deandre Ayton, discuss what Marvin Bagley’s NBA future could look like, whether or not Michael Porter Jr. can hold up to the rigors of NBA basketball, and which Bridges we would rather have on our team.

Later, we talk about Oklahoma PG Trae Young and his NBA outlook along with the other top PG in this year’s draft, Alabama PG Collin Sexton. Finally, we give you the players we think have the best chance of thriving in the NBA as well as those who could be a 1st round bust. Make sure to play our big board game and get your comments in with your team!! You will be entered into a contest and could win a prize!

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Here are our full rankings for the 2018 NBA Draft:
- Luka Doncic
- Deandre Ayton
- Marvin Bagley III
- Jaren Jackson Jr.
- Mo Bamba
- Michael Porter Jr.
- Trae Young
- Wendell Carter Jr.
- Mikal Bridges
- Collin Sexton
- Miles Bridges
- Kevin Knox

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