Here Are The Latest Betting Odds On Who Will Lead The NBA In Points, Assists, And Rebounds Per Game During The 2018-19 Regular Season

The NBA regular season kicks off tomorrow and our friends over at BetDSI posted a number of intriguing and entertaining prop bets. You can wager on numerous prop bets such as the possibility of certain players being dealt before the trade deadline, games played for other players, triple-doubles, quadruple-doubles and more. For this article, we are focusing on which player will win the points/assists/rebounds title. Does LeBron James have the highest odds to win the points title? Which point guard has the best chance to average the most assists per game? Last which big man will lead the NBA in rebounds?

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Highest points per game average 2018-19 reg. season:
Anthony Davis +300
James Harden +400
LeBron James +900
Giannis Antetokounmpo +1100
Devin Booker +1200
Damien Lillard +1500
Kevin Durant +1700
Steph Curry +1700
Russell Westbrook +1700
Kyrie Irving +1900
DeMar DeRozan +1900
Kawhi Leonard +2400
Joel Embid +2800
Victor Oladipo +3000
Donovan Mitchell +3000
Bradley Beal +3600
Karl-Anthony Towns +3700
Kemba Walker +3900
Blake Griffin +4500
LaMarcus Aldridge +7100
Field (Any Other Player) +3200

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Highest assists per game average 2018-19 reg. season:
John Wall +200
Russell Westbrook +250
Ben Simmons +550
Chris Paul +650
James Harden +700
Lonzo Ball +1200
Ricky Rubio +1200
Rajon Rondo +1400
Kyle Lowry +1500
Draymond Green +2000
Trae Young +2600
Jeff Teague +3600
Nikola Jokic +5800
Field (Any Other Player) +1000

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Highest rebounds per game average 2018-19 reg. season:
Andre Drummond +150
DeAndre Jordan +300
Karl-Anthony Towns +600
Anthony Davis +700
Rudy Gobert +800
Dwight Howard +1000
Hassan Whiteside +1000
Joel Embiid +1600
Clint Capela +2100
Kevin Love +2300
Nikola Jokic +2400
DeAndre Ayton +2800
Enes Kanter +2900
Giannis Antetokounmpo +5400
Russell Westbrook +5700
LeBron James +6200
Field (Any Other Player) +4500

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