Here Are 5 Possible Destinations For Al Horford In Free Agency

For the teams out of the playoff race, the NBA offseason has already started. That means teams have turned their attention toward free agency and trying to land some of the big-time free agents this summer. One of those players is Atlanta Hawks' big man Al Horford. 

Horford is one of the top free agents this year and one of the best big men available. The soon-to-be 30-year old center can also play some power forward and is a versatile big man. He averaged over 15 points and seven boards last year, figures in line with his career averages. He's in line for a max-level deal or at least close to it,, but which team will give him that deal? Here are 5 possible destinations for Horford in free agency. 

5. Atlanta Hawks
Horford has spent hit entire career with the Hawks, and at least a part of him wants to stay. While the Hawks and Horford seems likely to part ways, it's too early to count out Horford saying in Atlanta. 

4. Miami Heat
This only makes sense as a destination if the Heat lose Hassan Whiteside. If that happens, expect the Heat to make a serious push for Horford this offseason. Plus, Horford would return to the state he played his college ball in. 

3. Houston Rockets
Horford is reportedly the top target for the Rockets this offseason, so this might be a little too low for the team. Dwight Howard will likely opt-out of his deal, leaving a hole at center for the club. Horford should be a good fit in Houston, and it's really a matter of it Horford wants to join a team that had serious problems last year.  

2. Orlando Magic
There's mutual interest between Horford and the Magic. It makes sense, as the Magic have plenty of cap space and need a veteran big, especially one of Horford's ability. Horford wants to get paid and the opportunity to play in Florida, not far from where he dominated with the Florida Gators, is likely intriguing to him. 

1. Boston Celtics
If Horford wants to chase a title, there might not be a better (realistic) landing spot than Boston. The Celtics lack a true big man, something Horford could provide. Isaiah Thomas and Horford could be deadly on the pick-and-roll and the Celtics would take another step closer to being a title contender with Horford. 

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