The Greatest NBA Finals Games of All Time

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Here are some of the greatest NBA finals games of all time:

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors (2016)
What’s astonishing is that the Warriors had the most wins in history for the season, with a 3-1 score, so this was a huge victory for the Cavaliers. Not only was this LeBron James’ best performance, but he led the Cavaliers and finished with 29.7 points, beating the Warriors. He also brought the first ever NBA championships win to Cleveland. 

San Antonio Spurs vs New Jersey Nets (2003)
Tim Duncan was the Spurs’ forward and is known to have played viciously. In the finale he scored 21 points and was seen as one of the best-rounded players that season. The Spurs scored more than 88 points in just two games and beat the Nets. This was the second year in a row that the nets got defeated by a team from the west coast. 

Los Angeles Lakers vs Philadelphia 76ers (2001)
The 76ers only won the first game of the series, but still managed to snag the MVP, Coach of the Year, and Defensive Player of the Year awards. However, they were no match for Shaquille O’Neal and the Lakers, who won 5 consecutive games against the 76ers. This was Shaq’s best performance and he totally dominated the NBA that season, with an average of 33 points.

Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers (1984)
Regarded as one of the best finale games ever, the Celtics won against the Lakers with 4-3. The finals MVP award was given to Larry Bird, who led his team to victory against the Lakers. The finals had not just two, but 8 players from the Hall of Fame, including Magic Johnson, Kevin McHale, and James Worthy.

Chicago Bulls vs Phoenix Suns (1993)
This is one of the most watched games, in which Michael Jordan took home the Finals MVP award with an average of 41 points. He beat Charles Barkley of the Phoenix Suns and it was also his third championship in a row. Many people claim that it is an incredibly entertaining game to watch, especially the last one.

Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers (2010)
The Celtics and the Lakers have a long history of rivalry, so much so that there’s even a Wikipedia page about it! They both hold the highest number of NBA championships, with Celtics at 17, leading the Lakers by only one point. In this game, the Lakers beat the Celtics after the Celtics’ victory in 2008. Kobe Bryant earned his fifth and last title in this game.

Over the years, we have seen many entertaining and highly competitive basketball matches. With such talented players, it’s no surprise that the NBA has devoted fans everywhere!

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