NBA Free Agency Rumors: LeBron Not Meeting With Cavs, DeAndre Headed To Dallas, Durant Wants Short Deal

With NBA free agency about to explode, there are plenty of free agency rumors to sort through. We start with everything around LeBron James including the report that he won’t meet with the Cavs before free agency begins. We also update you on everything surrounding Paul George and his free agency saga.

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Later, we go over everything around DeAndre Jordan and his adventure towards maybe getting signed by the Dallas Mavericks. We also cover Kevin Durant and what he is looking for in terms of a contract for next season. Finally, we go over the strange timing of the Lonzo Ball injury announcement.

Here is our full list of free agency rumors:
- LeBron not meeting with Cavs?
- Paul George leaning OKC?
- DeAndre Jordan heading to Dallas?
- Pacers going after Aaron Gordon?
- Durant only signing one year deal?
- Lonzo Ball injury announced due to trade talks?

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