The Comings And Goings Of 2018: What To Expect

Throughout the months of February and March, a lot can change for prospects, as players come, and equally as many go as some of the best teams in the league scout the most promising players. As a basketball fan, knowing everything about the players you should be looking out for is imperative, and that’s exactly what the NBA 2018 draft is all about. With the NBA season in full swing, this is the time for teams to play to their strengths and change any elements that are making the team a weakness within the competition. Generally, once the first few prospects have been outlined in the draft, the following tend to be subject to change, however our 2018 NBA draft so far has shaped up nicely.

The 2018 Draft
With so many upcoming basketball stars making an appearance in the NBA, as well as stars such as Stephen Curry dominating the season, crafting a 2018 draft for the NBA is always a challenge, however we’re confident that the following players will prove to be huge assets to their designated teams and prove to be ones to keep an eye on this season. Take a look at the proposed draft for the NBA so far this season, below:

Player Information
Deandre Ayton C, Arizona (Fr.)
Luka Doncic G, Real Madrid
Marvin Bagley III F, Duke (Fr.)
Mo Bamba C, Texas (Fr.)
Michael Porter, Jr. F, Missouri (Fr.)
Trae Young G, Oklahoma (Fr.)
Jaren Jackson, Jr. C, Michigan State (Fr.)
Kevin Knox F, Kentucky (Fr.)
Mikal Bridges SF, Villanova (Jr.)
Wendell Carter, Jr. C, Duke (Fr.)
Collin Sexton G, Alabama (Fr.)
Lonnie Walker IV G, Miami (FL) (Fr.)
Robert Williams III C, Texas A&M (So.)
Troy Brown SF, Oregon (Fr.)
Miles Bridges F, Michigan State (Fr.)
Daniel Gafford C, Arkansas (Fr.)
Dzanan Musa SF, KK Cedevita
Mitchell Robinson C, Chalmette High School (LA)
Chandler Hutchinson SF, Boise State (Sr.)
Shai Gilgeous G, Kentucky (Fr.)

As you can see, a vast majority of these players are freshmen, simply showcasing the massive potential that’s present within today’s youngsters. With so many freshman players on offer, NBA teams could really add some dynamics to their basketball team, giving them the upper hand in the season. Nevertheless, sporting legends such as LeBron have actually criticized the leagues that these young players are being produced in slamming the NCAA in the process by calling for a stronger minor league. If this does change, we could see even more talent coming through the ranks in the years to come.

A Closer Look At Some Of The Top Players
With so many freshmen featuring in the 2018 NBA draft, there is a clear demand for fresh, youthful talent in the NBA, and the above players have definitely shown some promise in their early basketball careers and are likely to help their team go above and beyond when it comes to winning games. A few in particular however, have displayed some incredible skill, an undeniable asset in the most premier basketball league in the world. Their trending performance is what most strategists look for when analyzing or forecasting future games. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the most prized talent that’s likely to be nurtured this NBA season, players on whom punters already have their keen eye on.

Trae Young
Winning the Freshman of the Year title, Young is also rated as the 23rd best freshman in this year’s class, so it’s hardly surprising that his name has featured on our NBA draft. With his exceptional combination of shooting, playmaking and gusto, he has huge potential to be placed amongst the NBA’s top players and establish himself at the top point guard. When it comes to basketball strategy, Young is hugely intelligent, which you can see from his use of the ball as he opens up space for his insanely good dribbling. With all of these strengths under his belt, Young could make an excellent offensive player within the NBA, so he’s definitely one to watch.

Marvin Bagley III
Bagley has undeniably been one of the most productive freshman players in basketball, with his athletic mismatch giving him an excellent advantage when it comes to scoring easy baskets. Despite his young age, Bagley has 10 double-doubles in 12 games, and there have been several times where the player has looked utterly unstoppable on the pitch. The only problem with Bagley is his unhealthy reliance on the three-point stroke, which is too unreliable to use when the pressures of the NBA are on your shoulders. Additionally, he isn’t the strongest defender we’ve seen in basketball, however with his enthusiasm and athletic ability, he’ll surely pose as quite a big threat in the NBA.

Deandre Ayton
Seeing a 7-foot basketball player is usually enough to set alarm bells off in the heads of basketball fans all across the globe, as it’s extremely rare to see a 7 foot player possess as much talent as Ayton. With his soft touch at the rim and an impressive jump shot strategy, Ayton is definitely a player to watch during this draft period. He plays immaculately and checks almost every box on the offensive criteria. While his defense definitely needs some work, he’s shown nothing but commitment since beginning his basketball career, so there is definitely room for development with Ayton. Plus, with his nimble feet and unbelievable size, he has a clear dominance over the basket, and will be able to guide it a lot better than other defensive players in the NBA. 
With so many players emerging within the world of basketball, the future remains very uncertain, but one thing is definitely for certain – the above youngsters are going places. With their sheer talent and determination, this year’s generation stand a great chance at not making it to the NBA season, but absolutely dominating the field.

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