Chat Sports' Dunks of the Week 12/21/15 - 12/28/15

The Slam Dunk is arguably the most exciting play in all of sports. When someone goes up and posterizes someone or tears down the rim, an insane reaction is almost always drawn out of fans and players. 

With that in mind, we here at Chat Sports are wanting to capture those reactions from you mulitple times in one sitting.

Warning: Chat Sports is not responsible for any broken computers, phones, iPads, tablets or any other electronic devices that may be thrown or destroyed while viewing these dunks.

This week's dunks feature two ridiculous jams from the Utah Jazz's Alec Burks, one from the King, Cleveland Caviler's Lebron James, a posterization from the Milwaukee Bucks' Jabari Parker and OKC Thunder's Rusell Westbrook flying through the air.

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