Blake Griffin Headlines 3 NBA Trade Rumors To Watch Before The Deadline

The 2016 NBA Trade Deadline is less than three weeks away, which means now is the time to grab at trade rumor straws and pick out the most intriguing/interesting of the bunch. While the next three moves may not be "likely" considering the conservative tact some teams are now taking when it comes to deadline deals, they've still got enough blockbuster potential worthy of keeping an eye on.

Blake Griffin To The Lakers?

This may not be as far-fetched as some might think. Griffin has been contrite since fracturing a bone in his hand punching a Clippers staffer back on January 23rd, but there's still a square peg/round hole feeling surrounding his future with the organization.

The Clippers have been blazing hot with Griffin on the shelf for various injuries, pushing the pace with Chris Paul and generally opening up the offense in his absence. While he's still a marketable commodity for an organization, his marketability is also what makes him an extremely valuable trade chip with three weeks to go until the trade deadline.

One possible destination? How about the Clippers' arena mates, the Los Angeles Lakers?

Via Keith Rivas of Los Angeles Sports Hub:

"First and foremost, he’d be able to start fresh in the same city while bringing his experience to the table; it’d be beneficial for Julius Randle and D’Angelo Russell, especially.

"Second, Byron Scott is in need of more veterans on his team if he wants to stay with the idea of rebuilding the franchise from the ground up."

Griffin is due $20 million next year with a player option for $21.3 million for 2017-18. The Lakers may be willing to overpay for what could amount to a one-plus year rental -- a blockbuster return which could entice the Clippers to look past the division-rival hurdle. More news surrounding Blake Griffin inside our Chat Sports iPhone and Android Apps.

It's all speculative. But, the Lakers front office has been dying to make a BIG splash the past couple of years and this would be it.

Al Horford To The Celtics?

The Celtics have reportedly inquired about Atlanta's star power forward already, and while the cost/benefit ratio may not be in Boston's favor, CSNNE's Chris Mannix still thinks it's a move GM Danny Ainge will entertain:

"It would be a gamble going after Al Horford because Al Horford is in the last year of his deal and he’s going to command a salary north of $20 million next year. But as we know and as I just said, (president of basketball operations) Danny Ainge is a gambling GM. He could make a move like that."

In the running for home-court advantage in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, reports are surfacing daily about the aggressive tact Ainge is taking in trade discussions. This would certaintly qualify as an aggressive move. More on the Celtics' trade efforts inside our Chat Sports Android and iPhone apps!

Jeff Teague To The Knicks?

This is a move that serves as both a short-term boost and a potential long-term coup, considering what having an All-Star caliber point guard like Jeff Teague could mean when the Knicks take to courting Kevin Durant this offseason in free agency.

According to Fred Kerber of the New York Post, the Knicks have conducted "preliminary talks" regarding Teague. The problem here is that it'd take a near ransom for New York to pry Teague from Atlanta with his cost-effective $8 million salary for 2016-17 taken into account.

Yet, why wouldn't the Knicks try? Jose Calderon is slowing down, Jerian Grant isn't there yet when it comes to wooing big-time free agents to come play with him and Langston Galloway is a better change-of-pace option that he is a starter.

Grabbing Teague would instantly alter the course of the Knicks' upcoming offseason, especially if they can wiggle their way into a playoff spot. As for Atlanta, this would give them a chance to permanently slot Dennis Schroeder in a starting role.

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