Best Point Guards To Watch Out For In The NBA Playoffs

With the NBA playoffs now off and running, many fans and analysts alike are already pondering as to which star names could once again lead their team to postseason success or which players could soon emerge as future superstar caliber athletes that are well worth the hype.

The NBA playoffs are one of the sporting calendar’s most eagerly anticipated events as it features the very best that the sport of basketball has to offer in front of a raucous crowd across numerous sets of games.

When scouring out some of the best names to watch in the playoffs this season and deciding on which teams to back in the latest DraftKings NBA championship odds, these are some of the top stars that are expected to feature at the point guard position in their team’s backcourt rotation:

Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors:
The defending champions Golden State Warriors may be entering the playoffs on the back of a rather disappointing regular season, yet fans of the sport will be well aware that no one should ever count out this roster especially given that they possess one of the league’s greatest ever duos of point guard Stephen Curry and his ‘splash brother’ teammate Klay Thompson at the two.

Curry himself has completely changed the way that the game of basketball is played through his incredible shooting touch beyond the arc which almost completely pressures defenders to lock him down the moment he crosses the half court.

Adding to his absurd shooting numbers, Curry is also an excellent playmaker and a tremendous ball handler with his off the ball presence also being a nightmare for defenders to contend with given that he often finds himself wide open on the perimeter for an easy 3, something that has contributed greatly towards his four championship rings.

Ja Morant – Memphis Grizzlies:
It has certainly been a very turbulent season for the young Memphis guard, yet he was able to steer his Grizzlies back into the playoffs thanks to his electric highlight plays of attacking the rim in transition.

Morant maybe one of the brightest stars in the NBA today and certainly has a range of offensive weapons that will be at his disposal throughout the postseason which could propel the Grizzlies towards championship contention as the playoffs continue to progress.

While Morant’s outside game and defense is still a slight glaring issue at this stage, he is still widely regarded as one of the best players in the league at this point and will likely have a very bright future as a top talent for the next generation of basketball fans to enjoy.

De’Aaron Fox – Sacramento Kings:
For the first time since 2006, the Kings have successfully qualified for the playoffs and have thus ended the longest postseason drought in league history, with a large focal point of their success being thanks to their outstanding point guard De’Aaron Fox.

Fox has always been discussed as one of the league’s brightest talent thanks to his speed and athleticism in the years prior, yet he has taken his game to another level this season under the tutorage of first year head coach Mike Brown.

Fox’s game his improved tremendously beyond the arc and he has quickly established himself as one of the league’s best performers in ‘crunch time’ which has helped the Kings soar up the standings and establish themselves as one of the league’s most eye-catching teams heading into the playoffs.

Jrue Holiday – Milwaukee Bucks:
While Holiday is often considered to be more of a two guard, there is no denying the impact that he can create when playing at the one as a two-way threat.

Holiday is arguably the league’s best perimeter defender as he can quickly lock up almost any threat that his Bucks team may face from opposing guards.

Adding to his defensive excellence, Holiday is also a valued threat on the offense as he can hit shots from deep, finish at the rim and pass the ball off to any open teammate which is especially key to a Bucks team that features the always dangerous Giannis Antetokounmpo and prefers to attack the basket in transition.

Holiday was a major acquisition for the Bucks back in 2020 as he quickly elevated the once dormant franchise to their second championship title a few months later, whilst also causing a major threat throughout the playoffs by locking down any opposing guards on the interior and perimeter.

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