Anthony Davis Trade Rumors: 4 NBA Teams That Could Trade For Pelicans Superstar Anthony Davis

The NBA Offseason is just days away and the NBA trade rumors are heating up when it comes to New Orleans Pelicans’ superstar Anthony Davis. Davis has maintained that he wants out of New Orleans and wants to be traded elsewhere. The Pelicans are starting to take calls from teams regarding a Davis trade. Chat Sports host Carter Bryant goes through four teams that could trade for Anthony Davis this summer.

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The New York Knicks would love to trade for Anthony Davis, but their chances took a hit when they did not land the #1 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. James Dolan will still try to work some magic and bring Davis to New York. The Boston Celtics have perhaps the most to offer the Pelicans with several young assets and draft picks. Will Danny Ainge pull the trigger on a trade for Anthony Davis?

The Denver Nuggets could be a sleeper team in the Anthony Davis trade sweepstakes. Denver is coming off a nice playoff run and could be looking to bolster its roster. Jamal Murray is a nice young guard who could be the center of a trade for Davis. And of course the Los Angeles Lakers have made it publicly known that they want to trade for Anthony Davis. He wants to be in Los Angeles long-term. LeBron James needs a co-star. The Lakers will do everything they can to bring Davis out west.

Check out the list of NBA teams that could trade for Anthony Davis:
- #1 Los Angeles Lakers
- #2 Denver Nuggets
- #3 Boston Celtics
- #4 New York Knicks

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