Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski beats ESPN to EVERYTHING in NBA Draft

I hold a firm belief that there is no reporter who is further ahead of everyone else in their sport than Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports is with the NBA, and that was proven during last night's NBA Draft. @WojYahooNBA was consistently 10-15 minutes ahead of his counterparts across media platforms, but especially those at the mothership, ESPN, the "Worldwide Leader in Sports" and whatnot. Below is the tweets of Wojnarowski, ESPN's Andy Katz and ESPN's Chris Broussard, who were featured prominently on ESPN's coverage of the draft reporting news that was a solid 20 minutes old. But truthfully this is not about ESPN, this is about the incredible reach of Wojnarowski. Let's see who beat each other to the punch.

Multiple league sources say Nerlens Noel is on the move.

— Andy Katz (@ESPNAndyKatz) June 28, 2013

Well done ESPN guys, off two a good start. Technically they beat Woj by about a minute, but we'll give 'em a point. 1-0 to the mothership.

Oh wait. The Woj comes in and SMASHES Katz on the details of the trade, which is probably more important to be honest. Game tied at 1.

Solid tie. Well done guys. I'm starting to think they're getting the exact same texts. Let's say we're tied at 2 now.

Oh dear. Woj smashes Katz here by close to 10 minutes. Kelly Olynyk ended up being the 13th pick, as Katz didn't have until after the selection, and then Katz was still five minutes late on the trade for pick No. 16. It's 4-2.

Oy. It's getting ugly. Woj beats Katz by 15 minutes, although it appears Katz knew he was well behind. 5-2 to Woj over ESPN. Also, Chris Broussard? Just 30-plus minutes late buddy. Good job, good effort.

OK, so at first it seems Katz has a scoop that Minnesota traded their 26th pick to Golden State. But then Woj comes on and says Oklahoma City is getting the 29th pick. What?? Woj, however, then comes on and clarifies that Minnesota did trade their pick to Golden State, and then that Warriors flopped that pick to Oklahoma City for No. 29. Katz doesn't get this until, again, 15 minutes later. I'll give him a point for being first that pick No. 26 was on the move, but then I have to give one to Woj for being right about where it was going and another one to Woj for being right about where the Warriors ended up. It's now 7-3.

And we wrap up with Woj beating Katz once more on the Warriors again trading down to 30. You're final: 8-3 to Woj and Yahoo. Rather than cutting to Chris Broussard and Andy Katz every seven minutes, ESPN would have been better off just showing a live feed of Woj's twitter.

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