Where To Watch The 2015 NBA All-Star Game Streaming Online

The 2015 NBA All-Star game is going to be a blast, except for the people who can't watch it. It doesn't matter if your TV is in the shop, a raccoon chewed through your cable or you're just too lazy to look up the channel listing - we've got your online streaming needs covered. Here's how you can watch LeBron James and the East take on Steph Curry and the West streaming online:

NBA League Pass ($$)

BallStreams ($$)

Feed2All (Free, but you’ll want to install AdBlock before you visit)

FirstRowSports (Free, but the same AdBlock warning applies)

Disclaimer: Chat Sports doesn’t encourage the illegal streaming of games, but we’re not naive enough to pretend that it doesn’t happen…and since it does, we’d prefer our users do it at sites that won’t download any nasty viruses for them. Stream at your own risk (and don’t download anything from these sites – it’s like the Wild West out there).

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