VIDEO: Top Ten Sports Moments Of The 90’s

The 1990's was one of the best sports decades in history as it provided us with numerous signature moments that still live in infamy today. Here are the best of the best:

10) Mike Tyson bites off Holyfield's ear

Tyson was the most feared athlete in all of sports during the 80's and 90's because of his unparalleled strength, but his incident might be what he's most famous for.

9) Bills K Scott Norwood misses wide right to lose Super Bowl XXV

The Buffalo Bills made the Super Bowl four straight years - and lost four straight years. This was their first time in the Big Game, and was the closest they got.

8) Dream Team win 1992 Gold Medal

The Dream Team was assembled to using pro basketball players for the first time with the goal of bringing the gold medal back to the U.S. They did just that, dominating their competition while becoming an international phenomenon.

7) Magic Johnson retires in 1991 with HIV

In one of the most shocking announcements in sports history, Magic Johnson retired from basketball at the age of 32 after discovering he had HIV. The announcement brought a lot of attention to the disease, and Johnson continues to raise awareness for it.

6) Michael Johnson world record 400M in 1996 Olympics

Johnson had the world's attention in the 1996 Olympics and he did not disappoint, shattering records in both the 200M and 400M events.

5) Buster Douglas beats Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson was so unstoppable that many considered it impossible to beat him - until Buster Douglas shocked the world.

4) Mark McGwire hits home run #62

We now know that steroids fueled this record, but when McGwire broke Roger Maris' single-season home run record (which many thought would never be broken), it was a special moment.

3) John Elway beats Brett Favre for his 1st Super Bowl

Elway had been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL for 15 years, but still hadn't been able to lead his team to a championship. In 1997, he was finally able to get over the hump against the defending champion Green Bay Packers.

2) Joe Carter 1993 World Series walk-off

Walk-off home runs are rare in baseball. Walk-off home runs in the playoffs are even rarer. But a walk-off to win a championship? That was unheard of - until Joe Carter made the Toronto Blue Jays World Series Champions.

1) Michael Jordan's shot to win the 1998 NBA Finals

Michael Jordan was the most iconic figure of the 1990's, and this was his most iconic moment. This was supposed to be the last shot of his career, but even a return for the Washington Wizards doesn't diminish the significance of this shot.

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