This Sports Illustrated Writer Takes A Stand Against Skip Bayless, LeBron Bashing

ESPN's Skip Bayless is easily one of the most polarizing figures in sports media today.

Bayless regularly takes unpopular stands in both his writing and on the ESPN show First Take, sometimes in a blatant attempt to get a rise out of both fans and cohorts alike.

Bayless' most controversial talking point has been his repeated bashing of the Miami Heat's LeBron James - a trend which his biggest critics have pointed to as sensationalism for the sake of picking up TV ratings and page views.

One of his biggest detractors is respected Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch, who has taken to Twitter in recent days to take Bayless to task for his deficiencies as a sports personality and writer.


It started with this bold statement about Bayless' real job description on Wednesday.


That was followed by a plea for honesty from ESPN's vice president of production.


However, it's not just Skip Bayless who irritates Deitsch...


His anger turned back to to Skip Bayless though after a (drumroll please...) LeBron attack piece of his surfaced on ESPN.


That was just the first punch.


He would let one of his followers take the next shot via retweet.


Deitsch wasn't done. After ESPN writer Wright Thompson's amazing video piece on Brazil and the World Cup was virtually ignored by the company, Deitsch made sure to get in a tongue-in-cheek barb about ESPN's messed-up priorities when it comes to highlighting certain pieces of work.


When ESPN highlighted Bayless' piece on their home page, Deitsch made his displeasure known. Very known.


Don't think that Deitsch wants to hide behind Twitter on this one, though. He wants ESPN to answer for Bayless - and he'd like to do the questioning.

Richard Deitsch is here to save the world. Thank you, Richard.


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