The Only 2014 NBA Draft Drinking Game You'll Need

The NBA Draft is usually a lot less fun to watch than you think it's gonna be. Instead of trades, drama and intrigue, we typically get about 10 interesting minutes sprinkled into four hours of Jay Bilas talking about wingspan.

Fortunately, we're here to improve that experience in a major way. By turning draft night into a drinking game, you'll enjoy it so much that before you know it, you'll be calling in sick Friday morning with 'basketball fever'.

One Drink:

Someone says 'wingspan' (drink twice if it's Jay Bilas)

Someone says 'upside'

Someone makes a trade!

Something about a draft prospect raises "red flags"

A prospect's "basketball IQ" is listed as a weakness

David Stern shows up in archive footage

Two Drinks:

Gratuitous camera shot of Nik Stauskas' girlfriend

Bill Simmons is dismayed by a poor front-office decision that he totally wouldn't have made

"Marcus Smart" and "maturity" are mentioned in the same sentence

Doug McDermott gets compared to Adam Morrison, JJ Reddick, Kyle Korver, Jimmer Fredette, Steve Novak, Mike Miller or Larry Bird (finish your drink if Simmons is involved in the Bird reference somehow)

ESPN wheels out Fran Fraschilla to talk about a European prospect

Finish Your Drink:

Knicks fans decide to start booing (it can be for someone in particular, or just out of general boredom)

Someone's suit is so terrible that the broadcast team makes fun of it

Lightning round:

When Dick Vitale starts ranting about something, drink until he pauses to take a breath


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