The NBA's Official Store Is No Longer Selling Andrew Wiggins Cavs Jerseys

Wanna buy an official Andrew Wiggins Cavs jersey? Looks like you're out of luck, as of Friday afternoon:



No, it isn't proof of anything (maybe they just sold out?), but it's definitely interesting...especially when you consider the timing. The fact that searching for a Wiggins jersey brings up nothing at all (not even a 'sold out' page) is especially curious.

The Cavaliers are reportedly closing in on a deal that would send Wiggins to Minnesota for Kevin Love. While they've tried to make the deal work without losing Wiggins, it's looked for some time now like Minnesota won't do the deal without him. How the NBA's official store got the inside scoop on an imminent trade is anyone's guess, but it certainly prevents any shoppers from buying a jersey that could be worthless in the very near future. Stay tuned...



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