The NBA Insider Credibility Index: Which Reporters Can You Trust?

We've reached the heart of NBA rumors season, which means fans are being bombarded by "sources", "reports", and more Chris Broussard than anyone should have to see.

With so much information flying around, it can be hard to separate the reliable insiders from the unreliable speculators...and that's where we come in. We've been following NBA offseasons since the days of Bird and Magic, and after a while it becomes clear who you can trust and who you can safely ignore. This list, which ranks reporters on a 1-10 reliability scale, should help you figure out whether a story is credible, dubious, or just downright guesswork.


Adrian Wojnarowski (Yahoo! Sports): 10

When it comes to NBA news in the social media age, Woj is king. His Twitter account is where 90% of NBA news breaks first, and while he misses on the occasional story (saying Julius Randle needed foot surgery, for example), he's still the best combination of access, speed and accuracy out there. A mandatory follow.


Chris Sheridan (


Chris Broussard (ESPN): 5

Ahh, Broussard - the internet's favorite punching bag around this time of year. Broussard's credibility is debatable, but it certainly hasn't been helped by his nasty habit of tweeting information from "sources" after the story has already gone so:




Does Broussard have connections around the league? ESPN wouldn't be paying him if he didn't. Can you trust Broussard to come through with accurate information? Sometimes...but you should always wait until a second source confirms the story before you treat it like a fact.

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