The Cavs' Odds Of Four #1 Picks In Twelve Years Are The Same As You Being Struck By Lightning

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The Cleveland Cavs' amazing run of luck in the NBA Draft Lottery isn't just preposterous - it's like being struck by lightning...literally.

According to statistics gathered by the National Weather Service, you have a 1-in-10,000 shot of being hit by a lightning bolt in your lifetime (providing that you live for 80 years).

The Cavs' odds of winning four draft lotteries in twelve years? Per Nick Schwartz of For The Win, they're almost exactly the same:

What are the odds the Cavaliers could win the draft lottery four times in 12 years? We took the odds they had to win the draft each year and multiplied them together to get your answer: 0.00012, just a shade over a 1-in-10,000 chance.

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