The 6 Most Entertaining NBA Teams On Twitter

When it comes to social media, not all NBA teams are in the same league.

For some teams, Twitter seems like a total chore - you rarely see anything other than mechanical game updates or recaps posted (we're looking at you @Spurs). Others actually look like they're operated by human beings, and can actually be very entertaining follows. Here are our six favorites:

6. Brooklyn Nets: @BrooklynNets

The Nets are kind of a mess on the court right now, but their social media game is still strong. Anyone who makes liberal use of .GIFs from The Office is worth a follow in our book, and they also have the whole Jay-Z thing going on, which is an added bonus.

5. Atlanta Hawks: @ATLHawks

They currently have a W in their name for each game of their current win streak, so don't be alarmed if 'HaWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWks' suddenly shows up in your feed.

They also aren't afraid to take shots at some of the more...grating Twitter accounts out there, which earns them the #5 spot and our undying gratitude.

4. Phoenix Suns: @Suns

They aren't here just because they retweeted this adorableness earlier today - the Suns social media team is one of the most active, engaging, and entertaining in the game. They also won our hearts with this subtle dig at the Mavs (who had just followed then-trade target Rajon Rondo) back in December.

3. Portland Trail Blazers: @trailblazers

Portland is a quirky, entertaining city, so it makes sense that they'd be quirky and entertaining on Twitter. They're also big on interacting with other team's accounts, which leads to beautiful moments like this one (s/o to our #6 team for the world-class response).

2. Philadelphia 76ers: @Sixers

The Sixers might be a disaster on the court this season, but at least they have some social media game. They're creative, funny, and manage to keep the fans engaged no matter how bad things are sucking on the court...which is a real accomplishment this season.

1. Golden State Warriors: @warriors

#1 on the court, and #1 in your phone. The Warriors have been the league's best team so far this season, but they've been on top of their social media game for a while now. With their arena just a quick drive from Facebook & Twitter HQ, it's no surprise that the Dubs get social media, and with contests, wacky promotions, and tweets like this, they're worth a follow even if they aren't your #1 team.

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