The 4 Worst NBA MVP Snubs Ever

The 2014-15 NBA MVP race is pretty dang tight, with the foursome of Stephen Curry, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, and "The Unibrow Unicorn" Anthony Davis all having legitimate cases for the award.

However, while this year's race has plenty of worthwhile contenders, there have been a handful of NBA MVP races which ended with the best player in the league getting snubbed. With that in mind, here's our list of the The 4 Worst NBA MVP Snubs Ever.

4. Steve Nash over Kobe Bryant (2005-06)

Nash is one of the great facilitators in NBA history, and there's no doubt that he was the catalyst for those insanely fun run-and-gun Suns teams of the mid 2000s. However, Kobe Bryant dropped 35.4 ppg on fools with the likes of Smush Parker and Chris Mihm backing him up in 2005-06. Nash posted 18.8 points (and 10.5 assists), but he did it with a supporting cast that didn't consist of players that would be cut from church-league recreation leagues.

3. Steve Nash over Shaquille O'Neal (2004-05)

Hey's our friend Steve "I Steal MVPs" Nash. Let's be real -- Steve Nash was straight magic in his prime, but before he pulled off grand larceny on Kobe in 2005-06, he stole Shaq's trophy in 2004-05. Kazaam absolutely broke opposing players' spirits for the Heat in 2004-05, posting a double-double for the year (22.9 ppg, 10.4 rpg) while asserting himself as the most dominant low post threat of his era. Nash was fine and dandy too (15.5 ppg, 11,5 apg), but Shaq was striking the fear of Shaqtus Maximus in everyone who crossed his path.

2. Magic Johnson over Charles Barkley (1989-90)

Magic was amazing in 1989-90 (22.3 ppg, 11.5 apg), but he did it for a Lakers team that was still insanely deep and talented despite showing some cracks throughout the year. Sir Chuck, on the other hand, was the Philadelphia 76ers. If Barkley didn't drop 25.2 ppg and 11.5 rpg while ripping the league to shreds like his favorite string cheese, the 53-29 Sixers would have won 38-40 games tops. This was Barkley's year, but Magic is Magic and that's how it goes.

1. Karl Malone over Michael Jordan (1996-97)

Wait, what? We get that Karl Malone is a power forward amongst power forwards when it comes to NBA history, but handing him the award over His Airness at peak-flight is a travesty worse than Kevin Federline's rap career (sorry to remind you). This was the greatest player in history putting up one of his most dominant & iconic years (29.6 ppg, countless posters and clutch moments) for one of the best teams in NBA history. And he was robbed by a guy on a Jazz team that would go on to get taken out by the Bulls in the Finals.


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