The 12 Worst-Dressed Prospects in NBA Draft History

The NBA Draft is just finally here, and one of the intriguing storylines is always the outfits the players decide to go with. The recent trend is prospects sewing their college jerseys into the inside of their suit jackets, but some of the other trends we've seen through the years didn't work out as well. So, who were the worst dressed draft prospects of all-time?

12) Steve Nash (No. 16 pick, 1996)

The suit is okay - even if the tie is a little questionable - but the combo here makes it looks like he's about to go to a freshman rush party, not sign a multi-million dollar contract.

11) Maurice Taylor (No. 14 pick, 1997)

I just want to know who looked at that color and said "Yes! We need more of this!"

10) Larry Johnson (No. 1 pick, 1991)

This is without a doubt my favorite. So 90's it hurts - and by hurts, I mean it's absolutely fantastic. Larry Johnson had definitely come to the draft straight from a luau party, and I couldn't be any happier about it.

9) Karl Malone (No. 13 pick, 1985)

I actually feel kinda bad for Karl Malone here. Someone must have cut off the bottom of his tie while he was sitting there waiting to be drafted, because no one in their right mind thinks a half-tie is a good idea.

8 ) Joakim Noah (No. 9 pick, 2007)

I think this is pretty self-explanatory. Peace, Joakim.

7) LeBron James (No. 1 pick, 2003)

All white is just never a good idea. I get that it was the early 2000's and that might've been cool at the time, but still, no. Luckily, LeBron's picked up better fashion sense since then.

6) Terry Cummings (No. 2 pick, 1982)

Something needs to be said about a man who wears a polo and jeans on draft night. Even Brett Favre wishes he could promote Wranglers this well.

5) Tim Thomas (No. 7 pick, 1997)

I can't really speculate on what caused this disaster, but it looks like Tim Thomas just bought the biggest suit at the store and didn't realize until minutes before the draft that it was designed for a 400 pound man.

4) Bonzi Wells (No. 11 pick, 1998)

Speaking of oversized suits...holy cow, Bonzi Wells. He looks like the real-life version of the Monstars when they snuck into the Knicks game in Space Jam.

3) Jalen Rose (No. 13 pick, 1994)

The classic red suit with white pinstripes and a tie designed after an 80's rug. This is one of the great all-time fails that's almost so bad you like it.

2) Samaki Walker (No. 9 pick, 1996)

Again, when is all white a good idea??? And that hat...superbly outrageous.

1) Drew Gooden (No. 4 pick, 2002)

Yes, Drew Gooden actually wore this. But are you surprised? This is the same man that grew a soul patch on the back of his otherwise-bald head. I just don't know why he thought the Dr. Evil look would catch on.

Which one of these crimes against style is most heinous? Did we leave someone off the list who deserves to be here? Tweet your thoughts and responses to @brauf33.

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