That NBA Podcast with George Denny and Craig Nelson - Episode 9: Current Events (3/14/13)

In this latest episode Craig and George take a look at the lanscape of the league. With Miami as the top dog are teams succeeding the next few tittles in favor of being strong in a post miami world? The guys examine that theory by looking at the moves, or lack there of, at the trade deadline. George questions just what the heck Danny Ainge is doing in Boston. Craig questions Amare's come back from injury timeline. The show ends with the guys discussing the who's in or out of the playoffs out west and the match-ups they want to see. Be sure to follow the NBA all season with Craig and George, as well as all the news from the NBA and your favorite teams on Chat Sports. Connect with Craig and George on Twitter at @craignelson21 and @ThatNBApodcast

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