NBA Finals: The Must Play Drinking Game

Game 1 of the 2014 NBA finals is underway. Regardless of who you're rooting for, you're going to want to play along with all of us at Chat Sports HQ for our offical Finals Drinking Game!

1 Drink:

Announcers discuss Tim Duncan's fundamentals

Obvious shot of Ginobili's bald spot

Ray Allen is referred to as "Jesus Shuttlesworth"

2 Drinks:

Cute Heat fan texting

LeBron flops

LeBron upset about a no-call

Replay of the Ray Allen

Half beer:

Graphic comparing LeBron and Jordan

Doris Burke fumbles her words

Finish your drink:

Greg Popovich cracks a smile

Mark Jackson says the phrase "Hand Down, Man Down"

Need an excuse to call in sick tomorrow? Look no further. Supplement the above with an extra drink for any of these:


Ray Allen three-pointer

Jeff Van Gundy says something stupid

A plug for any ABC show

Somebody says the phrase "Big Three" or "The Decision"

These are coming back

Tweet @ChatSports with your ideas to be featured in the Game 2 edition

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