NBA Finals Game 1: First Quarter Live Blog

Chat Sports will be live-blogging our observations and quips from Game 1 of the NBA Finals tonight. Check back here for your updates from Chat Sports HQ.

Update 6:35 p.m. PT: We're moving over to a new page for the second quarter. Go to it.

Update 6:34 p.m. PT: End of the first quarter. Miami 24, San Antonio 23. Nothing much to say. Some nice play, some sloppy play. But more nice than not, it is the two most deserving teams in the league.

Update 6:30 p.m. PT: And as I post that, Tim Duncan whistled for going straight up on LeBron. Never mind.

Update 6:29 p.m. PT: Referees letting the boys play tonight it looks like, always gotta like that. Unless you're a whining NBA player, as most are.

Update 6:23 p.m. PT: Presented without comment:

Update 6:21 p.m. PT: By the way your officials tonight: #13 Monty McCutchen, #25 Tony Brothers and #23 Jason Phillips. Judge for yourselves.

Update 6:17 p.m. PT: ABC interviewing former NBA ref Steve Javie, because lord knows we might end up talking about the refs more than the game itself. No Joey Crawford tonight though...

Update 6:10 p.m. PT: Spurs on a 9-0 run to take a 9-2 lead. Erik Spoelstra with a quick time out. Or is that Thunder coach Scott Brooks? No one would ever know the difference.

Update 6:07 p.m. PT: The Spurs win the opening tip, which obviously means everything.

Update 6:01 p.m. PT: Is the Biebs there? Look at the picture below. If he's not there, and dressed like that, it doesn't count.

Update 5:55 p.m. PT: ABC just showed a closeup on Gregg Popovich. If there's one thing that's guaranteed to be more exciting than this game, it's Pop's mid-game interview. Two questions, five total words for his answers. And that's being generous.

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