NBA Buzzer-Beater Power Rankings

The 2014-15 NBA season isn't even a month old, and we've already had five game-winning buzzer-beaters. So which one was the most impressive?

6) Tobias Harris beats Sixers

As far as buzzer-beaters go, this one was relatively simple - and it loses points for being against the Sixers.

5) Lance Stephenson beats Hawks

Stephenson finally had his first big moment as a Hornet, and it came in double overtime. He said he banked the shot it because he "hadn't been able to swish it in" - but he still banked it.

4) Trey Burke beats Knicks

I'm still not really sure how Burke was able to create enough space to get the shot off, and making it in the Garden made it even more incredible.

3) Gordon Hayward beats Cavaliers

Cleveland had mounted a huge fourth-quarter comeback and looked like they were ready to blow Utah out of the water in overtime...except they never made it there thanks to Hayward's heroics.

2) Solomon Hill beats Hornets

The Pacers have struggled this season without Paul George, but they've managed to stay afloat in the Eastern Conference thanks to plays like this one.

1) Courtney Lee beats Kings

How someone can catch the ball and shoot it in 0.4 seconds is beyond me. How you leave someone THAT wide open around the basket is even more puzzling, but you can't blame Lee for that.

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