Kawhi Leonard's Three Days With The NBA Championship Trophy Were Exactly What You'd Expect

NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard is staying true to form.

The emerging star was given three days with the Larry O'Brien championship trophy, like all members of the San Antonio Spurs. Some players took it back home, others used it for elaborate pranks...and some didn't do anything with it at all, 'cause they're too busy working out.

Leonard falls into that last group. For his first two days with the trophy, it sat in his apartment while he did intensive three-a-day workouts, according to an interview with UT San Diego. On his third and final day with the trophy, he remembered to take it to his skills camp at San Diego State for the kids there to check out.

“He’s still the same, quiet, shy guy – just always in the gym, always wants to be in the gym,” former SDSU teammate D.J. Gay told UT San Diego. Gay now helps out with Leonard's skills camp. “That’s just who he is, you know ... The things that make him happy are the things that improve him as a player. It’s not the money, the fancy cars, that’s not what makes him happy. Being in the gym, working out, being able to compete every night against the best players in the world, that’s what makes Kawhi happy.”

Leonard acknowledges that showing off the trophy just didn't fit into his schedule.

“I didn’t have any time to do anything with it,” Leonard told the paper. “My workout schedule is crazy.”



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