How Long Does the NBA Draft Last?

How long is the NBA Draft? Once it gets started at 7:30 p.m. ET, it'll last roughly four-to-five hours. The first pick might not come in until closer to 8 p.m. ET. Each draft is slightly different because some teams take longer to make their pick than others, but things typically wrap up by 11:30 p.m. ET and by midnight at the absolute latest.

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The first round will take well over two hours - each team is allotted five minutes to make their pick, and media/TV involvement will slow things down as well. In the second round, teams have just two minutes to get their pick in, speeding things up considerably. 

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The Minnesota Timberwolves, Golden State Warriors and Charlotte Hornets have the top 3 picks. The top prospects expected to be taken, in some order, are Anthony Edwards, James Wiseman and LaMelo Ball. But there are tons of trade rumors out there that could result in some chaos. 

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