Here Are Paul George's Deleted Tweets Defending Ray Rice

On Wednesday night, Pacers SF Paul George posted several tweets referencing Ray Rice's domestic violence incident. They didn't go over very well:

Paul George @Yg_Trece · Keep it 100 lets act on this police violence like we actin on this Ray Rice case! Stay strong homie !

Paul George @Yg_Trece · They crackin down on breh!

Paul George @Yg_Trece · I don't condone hittin women or think it's coo BUT if SHE ain't trippin then I ain't trippin.. Lets keep it movin lol let that man play!

Paul George @Yg_Trece · I get it tho NFL.. You just don't hit women!

Retweeted by Paul George mafia_rick @Been_Selfmade · @Yg_Trece you right bro I Dont think its kool that they trying to destroy that man character off one mistake he made in the heat of things

Paul George @Yg_Trece · If you in a relationship and a woman hit you first and attacking YOU.. Then you obviously ain't beatin HER. Homie made A bad choice! #StayUp

After deleting the tweets, George posted this apology:

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