Doc Rivers Doesn't Want To Coach The Clippers If Donald Sterling Remains Owner

The Donald Sterling saga has quieted down in Los Angeles, but the approaching NBA season is threatening to throw a wrench in the situation.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver reluctantly admitted in early July that it's "possible" that Sterling would still own the team at the outset of the NBA season, and that isn't good enough for embattled head coach Doc Rivers.



Sterling met with his wife Shelly and prospective buyer Steve Ballmer on Monday, with ESPN sources calling the meeting "a friendly conversation". Sterling could reportedly owe up to $500 million if he revokes the Sterling Family Trust (his way of trying to prevent his wife from selling the team), and he'd be forced to start selling off real estate assets if he revokes the trust and the sale doesn't go through. If Rivers decides to leave, it's safe to assume that players would follow...and Sterling would have an entirely new mess on his hands.



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