A List Of Players Averaging More Assists Than Kyrie Irving So Far This Season

Yes, we realize we're just a week into the 2014-15 season, and we fully expect this to change in the near future. Still, it's pretty interesting to take a look at some of the guys currently averaging more assists than the Cavs' struggling point guard:

- J.R. Smith

- Monta Ellis

- Aaron Brooks (in just over 21 minutes per game)

- Boris Diaw

- Josh Smith

- Joe Johnson

- Carmelo Anthony

- Nicholas Batum

- Steve Blake

- Tyreke Evans

- Lance Stephenson

Irving is currently tied for 43rd in the NBA in APG with 3.8 per game. The guy he's tied with? That would be Philadelphia's Alexey Shved, a guy averaging 18.8 minutes per game so far. Irving did not record an assist in 45 minutes against the Utah Jazz on Wednesday as the Cavs lost 102-100.

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