6 Reasons Why This Is The Best NBA Finals Since The 1990's

The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are set to do battle in what should be one of the most epic NBA Finals in recent memory. Here are six reasons why this years' Finals will be the best since Michael Jordan's Bulls dominated the 1990's:

1) Stephen Curry vs. LeBron James

Every good series needs a a duel between two of the league's best players, and it doesn't get much better than the current MVP against the best player in the world. Curry and LeBron also play such different styles that the contrast will make the game more entertaining, but watching these two go back and forth all series will be FUN.

2) Championship droughtsLeBronJames

The city of Cleveland hasn't one a major sports championship since 1964, while Golden State hasn't made the Finals in 40 years. Both fan bases desperately want a championship, and that desire will translate into some of the loudest and most passionate crowds we've seen in any series.

3) Wild card players

Aside from the stars, this series is chalk full of under-the-radar players who can win a game for their team. J.R. Smith is capable of getting hot at anytime and becoming unstoppable for the Cavs, while Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala can take over a game for the Warriors.

4) Difference in pace of playhi-res-168624808-stephen-curry-30-of-the-golden-state-warriors-calls-a_crop_exact

Many view the Cavs as a team that likes to get out in transition, but they've actually played at the slowest pace of anyone in the playoffs. Meanwhile, Golden State played at the fastest pace during the regular season. Battles between extremes like that often make for some of the most thrilling matchup in every sport, and that won't be any different in this series.

5) First-year head coachesDavid-Blatt

Steve Kerr and David Blatt have done great jobs leading their respective teams, but since both are coaching in the NBA for the first time this year, we don't know how they'll respond to playing on the big stage. Blatt appears to have the advantage because of his coaching history in Europe, but it will be interesting to see the what adjustments these two coaches make - and what adjustments they don't make.

6) Three-point barrage130425225210-stephen-curry-klay-thompson-iso.1200x672

Golden State and Cleveland were the two teams with the highest three-point rate this postseason, meaning we'll see a lot of shots put up from beyond the arc all series. That's a recipe for big, quick comebacks and several thrilling runs for both teams.

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