5 Teams That Could Trade For Greg Monroe This Season

The Milwaukee Bucks haven't been shy about their desire to trade big man Greg Monroe after just one season with the team, where he didn't really fit in or have the impact they wanted. Head coach Jason Kidd now plans on bringing him off the bench, signaling that the end of his time with the team is very close. Here are the five teams that are the most likely to trade for him:

5) Charlotte Hornets
Charlotte isn't necessarily desperate to make a deal, but they would like to improve their roster to help them make a push towards the playoffs. They don't have a low-post scorer now that Al Jefferson is in Indiana, and their offense has relied on having that option under Steve Clifford. Yes, they like the shoot the three as much as anyone, but they need a post threat to keep defenses honest and create those open shots on the perimeter. Monroe is a quality player (and a good passer) they could get for cheap.

4) Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn's roster is a ragtag group of players they had to patch together due to a lack of cap space and draft picks. They have no real direction right now, so why not pair Monroe with Brook Lopez to form a solid front line? The Nets need a plan, but they need talent more - and Monroe gives them both.

3) Toronto Raptors
Toronto has made it abundantly clear that they want to upgrade their power forward position, and Monroe is one of a handful of players they have their eye on - but he's right at the top of their wish list. They have a good deal of young players they could flip to Milwaukee as they try to chase a title now, as well as the Clippers first-round pick in the 2017 draft (along with their own).

2) Boston Celtics
Speaking of draft picks, no one can give the Bucks more future assets in return for Monroe than the Celtics will. Boston is desperately looking for some way to acquire another star, and though Monroe isn't an All-Star, he's a quality player that will upgrade their roster and make the Celtics more attractive for top free agents. Monroe and Horford would form a formidable and versatile frontcourt duo that would make Boston a much better team. They'd also be able to give the Bucks a young, talented role player or and multiple picks.

1) New Orleans Pelicans
The Pelicans were linked to Monroe this offseason, and have been interested in him going back to the trade deadline last season. They have been looking for a big man they can pair with Anthony Davis, and they believe Monroe's passing ability - and Davis' shooting ability - make him an ideal fit. They don't have a lot of offer Milwaukee in return, but it may not take much at this point.

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