5 NBA Teams Primed For Huge Free Agent Signings In 2016

NBA free agency is about to be a whole different ballgame in 2016 as the salary cap will increase exponentially, giving practically every team a chance to land a top free agent or two. However, there are some teams that are in much better positions than others. Here are five teams that are primed to make huge free agent signings next offseason:

Washington Wizards

The Wizards have now spent two and half seasons in preparation of making a run at D.C. native Kevin Durant next summer when he hits free agency, and there are rumors that he will leave Oklahoma City to play in his hometown. Washington even chose to not pursue a viable starting small forward this offseason, leaving them the cash and position opening for Durant.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are always in position to land a big free agent, even though they've struck out on that each of the past few seasons. However, with the cap increase and Kobe Bryant's salary coming off the books, Los Angeles will have the ability to sign two - or even three - free agents to max contracts, and that will appeal to a number of players - particularly Kevin Durant.

New York Knicks

Just like the Lakers, the Knicks are always a top destination for free agents, though they've struck out just like the Lakers have. While the don't have the mass abundance of cap space Los Angeles does, they do have enough room for one or two top players and a plan for the future, thanks to team president Phil Jackson.

Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers will have the second most cap space out of anyone ($86.6 million), and with a lot of young talent - headlined by Rookie of the Year favorite Jahlil Okafor - they could become an attractive free agency destination. They'll likely miss on the top-tier talent, but they'll definitely be able to add two or three new, quality pieces to their puzzle.

Boston Celtics

Boston hasn't put a lot of emphasis on landing top free agents in recent years, but they'll have the cap space ($73.9 million, to be exact) to land several in 2016. They have an abundance of promising young players, which coupled with the appeal of playing for one of the NBA's premier franchises, could lead to the creation of a new Big 3 in Boston.

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