4 NBA Stars Who Could Be Traded Before The Deadline

We're about a month away from the NBA All-Star game, putting us just weeks away from the trade deadline. That means just one thing -- trade rumors!!! Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins has been at the middle of most of the trade rumors over the past year, but as of now, the Kings have every intention of keeping him as they're in contention for they eight-seed in the Western Conference. These next four guys will be at the very top of our trade-alert list until they're expected to be pawned off to a contender before the NBA playoff push.

Kevin Love, PF, Cleveland Cavaliers

Love has been the odd-man out in Cleveland for the past year and a half now, and despite him signing a max contract with them this offseason, it seems like his days with the Cavaliers are numbered. His stats are the worst they've been since his second year in the league, he's shooting just 41.2 percent from the field - and his defense has been atrocious. Love has often lost minutes down the stretch in favor of Tristan Thompson, who also just signed a massive extension with the Cavs.

He still has plenty of suitors around the league, and since Cleveland's big man rotation is already crowded, the Cavs could deal him for a quality wing player.

Joe Johnson, SF, Brooklyn Nets

Johnson's massive contract ($24.9 million this year) has kept the Brooklyn Nets from progressing as a franchise, and it's a pretty safe bet that both sides will look for a clean start in 2016. Johnson will be a free agent at the end of the year, and a contender could be willing to take on one year of luxury tax to add him for experienced depth on the wing. Brooklyn has given basically given away all of their draft picks for the next few years and don't have a lot of future assets, and they want to acquire as many as possible.

Brandon Jennings, PG, Detroit Pistons

Jennings is a shoot-first point guard that has fallen into NBA anonymity in Detroit, but is still one of the better point guards in the league. The Pistons plan to use a two point-guard system this year with him and Reggie Jackson, and it hasn't worked defensely. As Jackson inevitably starts to see more playing time (Detroit have him a max deal this offseason), Jennings will turn his attention elsewhere. Look for the Knicks to make a run at him.

Dwight Howard, C, Houston Rockets

There were reports last month that Howard was "extremely unhappy" in Houston, was tired of playing second-fiddle to James Harden, and that both sides were looking to move on. Howard has a $23 million player-option in his contract for next season, but some think he'll choose to opt-out and become a free agent this offseason.

If that's the case, the Rockets want to get something in return for him. Miami has shown an interest in Howard, while the Bulls and Celtics also would like to add a star big man. There's a chance Howard won't be dealt if Houston continues their recent winning streak, but expect his name to be linked to several rumors in the coming month.

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