The 4 Most Supportive NBA Fan Bases

The NBA may try to appeal to every casual fan it possibly can, but the real life's blood of the league are the diehard fanatics who eat, sleep and breathe the game. This next group of fan bases do just that, showing off their team pride regardless of whether its the dead of winter or the dog days of summer. Here's our list of The 4 Most Supportive Fan Bases In The NBA.

Los Angeles Lakers

Other teams may take the spotlight here and there, but Los Angeles is always going to be Laker City. That won't change, regardless of whether the Clippers keep up their current run of success or the area plucks one/two NFL teams in the near future. When the Lakers are up, Los Angeles bleeds purple and gold. When they're struggling like they currently are, Lakers loyalists remain true and the radio/television airwaves are filled with debate on how to make the team better. Good or bad, Lakers fans are 24/7/365 supporters.

I mean, check out the way they continue to support Kobe Bryant no matter how much he struggles in 2015-16 -- that's some REAL fandom right there.

Golden State Warriors

A relatively new entrant, the Warriors have capitivated the entire Bay Area during their recent run of success over the past few years. While the bandwagon has filled up with plenty of defectors from other teams, that really doesn't detract from the sheer "College Football rivalry game x 10" atmosphere at every home game at Oracle Arena. The diehard fans and new supporters scream their lungs out in unison, making for one of the most unique home-standing advantages in all of professional sports. If you haven't been to a Warriors game yet, it should be on your bucket list.

New York Knicks

The Knicks and New York go hand and hand, and gamedays at Madison Square Garden are akin to religious ritual for the team's most ardent fans. Celtics fans may get the national credit, but there isn't a better generation-to-generation fan bases than that of the Knicks. Grandfathers, granddaughter, mothers, fathers, son, daughters, newborns -- if you're born into a Knicks family, you're usually a Knick for life. Also, there is no in-arena experience that has the same "WOW" feeling than that of MSG when the Knicks are playing well.

Cleveland Cavs

Cavs fans have suffered along with their team through the lean times, and the team's recent run of success hasn't changed their perspective. There isn't a fan base in the NBA who balances realism and optimism than that of the Cavs. When you root for a Cleveland team, you know NOTHING is guaranteed -- LeBron James or not. However, when the Cavaliers DO win a championship, the smiles on faces around Northeast Ohio will be plastered on for years to come.

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