4 Blockbuster NBA Trades That Could Happen This Season

We always get a few blockbuster trades each NBA season as contenders try to acquire that additional piece they hope can push them over the top, while we've seen struggling teams give up their best players to try and acquire as many future assets as possible. So what could we expect this season? Here are four trades that could go down:

Sacramento Kings trade DeMarcus Cousins to Boston Celtics for Kelly Olynyk, Avery Bradley, Nets' unprotected 2016 first-round pick, three second-round picks

Cousins was nearly traded to Boston this offseason, and while the Kings have said it will take "something ridiculous" for them to trade Cousins, expect talks to heat up if Sacramento stays at the bottom of the Western Conference and Boston continues to compete for a playoff spot. Boston has a plethora of draft picks they can part with, and while they want to keep Brooklyn's unprotected first-round pick this year, the Kings would need them to include it to make this deal happen. 

Sacramento would get a chance of rebuilding their team around a probable top-three pick (perhaps LSU's Ben Simmons), and Boston would get the star player they need to truly compete for a title.

Los Angeles Lakers trade Nick Young, second-round pick to Chicago Bulls for Taj Gibson

Young has fallen out of Lakers head coach Byron Scott's rotation, and it's clear they're going to try to move him this season. Los Angeles reportedly inquired about Gibson during the 2013-14 season, but the Bulls weren't interested in what the Lakers were willing to offer for him at the time. However, the Bulls are more willing to part with him now as they have a logjam in their big man rotation and are unable to find playing time for talented first-round pick Bobby Portis. Young would give Chicago some needed long-range shooting and athleticism at the small forward position, and Gibson is the Bulls' best trade piece.

New York Knicks trade Jose Calderon, future first-round pick to Minnesota Timberwolves for Ricky Rubio

The upstart Timberwolves are trying to unload Rubio to make room for second-year slam dunk champ Zach LaVine and rookie first-round pick Tyus Jones in the backcourt, and New York has a need to a long-term point guard of the future. Rubio's a pass-first point guard that would fit well in the traditional triangle offense, and he wouldn't take shots away from Carmelo Anthony. Plus, his ability on the defensive end would be a needed upgrade on that side of the ball for New York.

Orlando Magic trade Victor Oladipo to Oklahoma City Thunder for Steven Adams, Andre Roberson

Oladipo has found himself demoted to the bench in Orlando because of the emergence of Evan Fournier and rookie Mario Hezonja, along with his inability to play alongside starting point guard Elfrid Payton. Oklahoma City needs to get much better defensively, particularly on the perimeter, and Oladipo would certainly provide that for them while not taking shots away from Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook.

On the flip side, Adams would be the defensive big man Orlando has been looking for to pair with Nikola Vucevic, and Roberson would add depth on the wing. However, for this to happen, the Thunder have to be convinced that second-year center Mitch McGary can be effective playing 20 minutes per game.

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