3 Teams Most Likely To Pick Buddy Hield In The 2016 NBA Draft

Buddy Hield is not your typical NBA Draft prospect.

Oklahoma's star shooting guard leaves the NCAA after a full four years, after taking a rarely seen leap in skill between his junior and senior seasons. Hield's biggest asset is unquestionably his outside shooting. He converted over 46 percent from 3-point range and 50 percent from the field in his final season with 25.0 points per game. 

Any NBA lottery team would be fortunate to add a player with his polished skill set, but who are the few squads that stick out as his most likely suitors?

3) Denver Nuggets

Gary Harris had a decent sophomore season for the Nuggets, but he does not offer the upside of a player like Hield. For a team like Denver in a full rebuild, Hield makes a lot of sense for the short and long-term. Pairing him with Emmanuel Mudiay works from a defensive standpoint -- Mudiay is oversized at 6'5'', while Hield is undersized at 6'4'' -- and would give Denver a backcourt to build around for years to come. If anything, Hield vs. Harris would push both to become more complete shooting guards at the NBA level. 

2) New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans have a lot of uncertainty at 2-guard, and Hield is the type of player that could come in and immediately fill their need. With Eric Gordon's contract up and Tyreke Evans only on the books for another season, now is the perfect time for New Orleans to remodel its roster, save for Anthony Davis and maybe Jrue Holiday -- the third member of the Pelicans' injury-plagued guard trio next to Gordon and Evans. Davis is the type of player that need sharpshooters surrounding him on the perimeter, and that is something Hield could offer from Day 1.  

1) Boston Celtics 

Brad Stevens' team has taken the next step this season, rising to the top half of the Eastern Conference without any traditional "stars" on the roster, save for undersized point guard Isaiah Thomas. Their success hinges on a number of good, but not great, players who work hard and lean their strengths. Hield, who already excels in one facet of the game, would make a welcome addition to Boston's bench, adding to their already impressive stable of young wings. While the Celtics may not want to reach for Hield in the top five, they could always try to trade up from No. 17 to snag the Sooners star with their second selection. 

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