3 Teams That Could Trade For Carmelo Anthony This Offseason

While Paul George is at the center of seemingly all of the trade rumors around the NBA, the New York Knicks still have Carmelo Anthony on the trade block and are looking to part ways with him. Anthony does have a no-trade clause, but he has told the team he would waive it for the right team. The Knicks are doing what they can to try and unload him, and may even buyout his contract this offseason to get him out of town.

If New York does decide to trade him, assuming he waives his no-trade clause, here are the three teams that would be the most likely to trade for him:

3) Denver Nuggets
Want a reunion? Of all the non-contending teams who may want to add Carmelo to make a splash with fans, you'd have to believe returning to the team where he started his career is the only one he would entertain. This would also work because Denver has as plenty of talented young players and assets that would intrigue the Knicks.

Still, their only chance at making a trade would be if Anthony really wanted out of New York and the Nuggets could convince him they'd be a contender with him. Keep in mind, Denver was competing for the 8-seed in the Western Conference last season and may be acquiring Kevin Love in a three-way deal with the Cavs and Pacers.

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2) Cleveland Cavaliers
Speaking of the Cavs, they are hoping the Knicks but out Anthony's contract, but may still trade for him if not. Anthony - longtime friend of LeBron James - would be brought in to create a Big 4 in Cleveland to compete with the Warriors. The Cavs would have to give up several of their rotation pieces to make the money work, making things a bit more complicated.

The Cavs may not want to part with that much and Carmelo may have reservations about playing in Cleveland, but playing for a championship contender with LeBron could be enough to get him to waive his no-trade clause.

1) Los Angeles Clippers
Los Angeles far and away has the best chance to land Carmelo. He loves everything New York has to offer off the court, and LA comes as close to that as anywhere else. The Clippers also need an upgrade at the small forward position, and adding a player of Melo's caliber would put them in contention in the West.

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LA would likely have to part with some future draft picks since they can't offer anything other than rotation players, but if Jackson wants Anthony out, it's a possibility they'd be fine with a combination of picks and bench guys. As for Carmelo, he would likely need assurances that Chris Paul and Blake Griffin would re-sign with the team in the offseason, but if he's going to leave the Knicks, this is where he'll end up.

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