3 NBA Fan Bases With The Least Class

Need a guide to the NBA arenas you should probably skip on your bucket list tour around the Association. We're here to help. Here's our list of the 3 NBA Fan Bases With The Least Class.

Chicago Bulls

Bulls fans are responsible for 80% of the "he'll never be Jordan" ridiculousness surrounding LeBron James, choosing to hold on to the past rather than come to terms with the present. Say an ill word about Jordan or the oft-injured Derrick Rose and you'll be flamed mercilessly online with some of the most crass threats and chest-beating you've ever seen on sports social media. Bulls fans simply can't come to terms with the fact that the franchise has been largely irrelevant since the departure of His Airness, and they take it out on EVERYONE.

San Antonio Spurs

The smug level in San Antonio is insufferably high. Spurs fans think everyone's out to get them due to the sustained success of Gregg Popovich and the Big Three, mixing both a persecution complex with a "holier than thou," nose upturned attitude. Imagine if you combined the worst traits of the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees' fan base, adding unbearable 100-degree temperatures to the equation. Ugh.

Boston Celtics

Mention the Los Angeles Lakers around the TD Garden and you'll be subjected to a gaggle of thick Massuchusetts accents dropping curse-laden bombs on you. How exactly do you have an inferiority complex when you root for one of the greatest franchises in professional sports history? Why do you have to take a "number 2" on the joy of anybody who's not wearing a throwback Paul Pierce jersey? The Lakers/Celtics rivalry is dead, and both franchises deserve equal claim for building this league to the heights it currently enjoys. Erase the hate, Boston fans.

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