Glenn Robinson III Captures 2017 Slam Dunk Contest

The third and final event of NBA All-Star Saturday Night is the done. And believe it or not, Glenn Robinson III is the Slam Dunk Contest winner. He beat Derrick Jones in the final round. This year's edition did not match up to last year's Zach LaVine vs. Aaron Gordon thriller, but there will still some impressive dunks.

Below, we have the winning dunk from Robinson and the total scores from each round.

Final Round: 

Glenn Robinson III: 44 | 50 - 94 total
Derrick Jones, Jr.: 37 | 50 - 87 total

First Round (both Dunk 1 and Dunk 2):

Derrick Jones, Jr.: 45 | 50 - 95 total
Glenn Robinson III: 50 | 41 - 91 total
DeAndre Jordan: 41 | 43 - 84 total (eliminated)
Aaron Gordon: 38 | 34 - 72 total (eliminated)

The judges for this year's dunk contest were Gary Payton, David Robinson, Dominique Wilkins, Alonzo Mourning and Chris Webber. 

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