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Class of 2020 December Signing Day Tracker

Here are the latest announced signings for the schools around the Mountain West Conference. Please check back early and often for all the signings throughout the day:

Note: Not every player responded for comment on whether or not they would be signing on Wednesday. Due to this, the numbers reported to be signing only reflect those who have responded. Just because a recruit did not respond doesn’t mean they are or are not intending to sign Wednesday.

Check back continuously for updates Wednesday and beyond.

Air Force

  • QB Cannon Turner
  • QB Jackson Darlington
  • RB Caleb Garner
  • RB Kevin Chandler
  • RB Nolan Carey
  • WR Ben Buechel
  • WR Wyatt Wilson x
  • WR Conner Wnek
  • WR Parker Wroble
  • WR Jamall Mensah
  • WR Caleb Rillos
  • TE James Bryant
  • OL RJ Long
  • OL Kyle Niese
  • OL Adam Kara
  • OL Hunter Brown
  • OL Wesley Ndago
  • OL Carter Fout
  • OL Ayden Mccollough
  • OL Holden Brosnan
  • OL Costen Cooley
  • OL Tex Elliot
  • OL Brian Balestra
  • OL Chad Layton Jr.